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About Pietech

PieTech focuses on the total growth of the young students who fully understand their responsibility of encompassing the physical, emotional, social and cultural needs in addition to fulfilling the academic needs of developing themselves. It is a notable fact that educational innovations certainly do not come about automatically. It is the environment which influences and changes the standards of learning PieTech is adequately provided with such facilities which initiate, plan and implement our educational practices effectively to help the students achieve their objectives.

PieTech is located at Kharora road near Raipur and has a large, open, panoramic campus that combines the beauties of uncluttered land matched with towering trees and well mowed lawns full of fragrance flowery bushes and seasonal greenery refreshing view with the view of a lake and scenic reservoir on the other side.

To step into PieTech is to face “a brave new world” of an expanded campus of 10 acres where the calm surroundings and congenial atmosphere stately grace and convenience of the traditions with high-tech modernity suited to the contemporary needs. It is proposed that PieTech should emerge to be the well equipped leading institution that can be compared with the best in the world. Its design and support facilities encourage the students to attain their fullest academic potentials but remain equally rich in human values. At PieTech the students constitute a friendly and dynamic academic community duly encouraged and supported by the creative, caring and qualified teachers.

PieTech like the world’s leading educational organizations tends to assimilate the qualities of an integrated education system which retains respect for the “physical, intellectual and moral” personality of the young learners. It aims to transmit civilization and culture by diversity, variety and distinction because “The great task of education is not merely to collect facts but to know man and to make oneself known to him,” as Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore put it. To achieve this goal, PieTech as it is popularly known, has excellent educational facilities that match the Global standards and are carried on skillfully.

Why Pietech

Why Choose Pietech
PIETECH symbolizes the maturing of Indian technical ability and can-do entrepreneurial spirit. The institute endeavors to educate the students to become not only competent professionals but also excellent human beings who contribute towards the welfare of the society and towards raising the quality of life of its people.

Due to the changed scenario ushering in an accelerating growth rate and intense global competition, we are faced with new challenges. More than ever before, skilled, talented and highly competent technocrats and able managers have become critical and instrumental as harbingers of evolutionary change. It is in this context that the College endeavors to have a meaningful interaction with industry so that real life problems may be discussed in the classrooms and solutions attempted in the well-equipped laboratories of the institute.
What Makes Pietech One Of The Most Outstanding Technical Institutes In The Region?
Highly Experienced And Dynamic Faculty
PIETECH recognizes that the excellence in education can be achieved only through nurturing the top of the line faculty. It is therefore continuous endeavor of the college to locate and recruit the best of the talent in India. The core faculty is supported by a distinguished set of visiting faculty comprising senior managers from industry and senior faculty members of other educational institutions. The concept of visiting faculty does not only provide an opportunity to the students to interact with the people in practicing disciplines of their interest but it also strengthens academia-industry interface. The staffing pattern of the faculty aims at bringing a balance between practical experience and theory.
Scholarships To Students
The Management Scholarship is awarded to the students on the basis of their financial background, academic performance in each of the following categories:

  • 1-Merit Scholarship
  • 2-Sports Scholarship
  • 3-Special Scholarship. (NSS, NCC etc)
  • 4-Excellent Placement Profile
Training and Placement
Our strength is our placements. At PIETECH, Placement time is not merely annual ritual; it is a time for showcasing the very best in our young engineers to the industrial world. We have very dynamic placement & Training department.

The objectives of department are manifold. They include:
  • 1) Developing the students' Technical knowledge and soft skills to meet the corporate recruitment process.
  • 2) To motivate students to develop their overall personality in terms of career planning, goal setting and reskilling which will stand them in good stead even after getting the job.
  • 3) To motivate students aspire for higher studies and guiding them to take competitive exams such as CAT, GATE, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT AND IELTS.
  • 4) Aiming to Place the maximum number of students through campus & off-campus interviews conducted by the top notch companies.